Cartoons and posters World War I - The Homefront

Commonly cartoons illustrate history. In this series Cartoonist and World War I the past can be derived from cartoons.
On internet everybody can find many sites with hundreds and sometimes thousands of cartoons from the First World War. The editors of this book selected cartoons on various aspects of the First World War; they decided to use questions about causes, consequences, changes and interpretations.
Regarding the First World War the Battlefront and the horrible
circumstances for the soldiers usually get the most attention.
This volume focuses on many aspects of the Homefront. Leading
questions in the search for and selection of pictures were:

It was a time without the modern mass media of our days. The
government and others who wanted to address the population,
were using posters, postcards and (cartoons and advertisements in) papers. What were the people told through the media. Against whom or what were they warned?

ISBN 9789073021297
Digital edition, 30 pages, full colour

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