China and the West - part 1

About the history of China a countless number of historical surveys is written by western scholars, all secundary sources. Books with primary sources are rare. On the internet are many primary sources about the history of China. Everyone who has enough time and knowledge can find them.
Our series is intended for those who do have not enough time for extensive research, but are interested to read about the stories and documents behind the historical surveys.
The primary sources in our series about China and the West are mostly of Chinese origin. We limit ourselves to the most important, most mentioned, subjects. To the sources we add short historical introductions, to help the reader to place the sources in their time.
The volumes in this series can be used together with a historical survey. You can use the primary sources also as a start for own research.

Part 1 covers the period from the beginning of  the19th century until about 1890. It focuses on the First Opium War, Unequal treaties with the Treaty of Nanjing as an example, the Taiping Rebellion and the Self-strenghtening Movement.

ISBN 9789073021273
Digital edition, 34 pages, full colour

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