Cartoonists World War I - Causes in cartoons

Commonly cartoons illustrate history. In this series Cartoonist and World War I the past can be derived from cartoons, posters and postcards.
The first volume of this series about World War I is aimed at possible causes of this war. The drawings are made by cartoonists from different countries: Allies, Central Powers and neutral countries like the Netherlands. The cartoonists viewed the events from different political and ideological positions. Some cartoonists draw analytically, others denounce things or persons. Some supported their governments, others tried to warn them.
Europe was very divided on the eve of the Great War. Compare with our own time: what is different, what looks more or less the same? At that time the political leaders did not listen to warnings and made wrong decisions. And in all countries the majority followed their leaders in 1914 into the war.
The first chapter gives the opportunity to look for causes. The cartoons in this chapter contain a large number of causes. In the second chapter some cartoonists show in their drawings who is to blame. Many people prefer not to think about causes, they prefer to focus on the question of guilt. Questions about who is to blame lead easily to abuse of history. This volume stimulates to think about the proposition: search for causes is more difficult than identifying culprits, but it leads to more understanding of people and of the past.

ISBN: 9789073021266
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