Paleokastro in Pylos

This volume tells the story of the castle, called Paleokastro, and shows contemporary photographs of the castle and surroundings.
The castle is situated near modern Pylos, a popular tourist centre. The Pylos area is very interesting from historical point of view.
Frankish crusaders built the castle in 1278 near modern Pylos, on the ruins of an ancient castle, built in the time of Homer’s Iliad.
After the Turkish conquest of Paleokastro (1502) the Turks built a new castle, Neokastro, near the southern entry of the bay (1573).
In 1827 the combined fleets of Great Britain, France, and Russia destroyed a Turkish-Egyptian fleet in the Bay of Pylos, a battle that consolidated the independence of Greece. See our volume about Neokastro.  

ISBN: 9789073021204
Digital edition, 19 pages, full colour

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