Neokastro in Pylos

This volume tells the story of the castle, called Neokastro, and shows contemporary photographs of the castle and surroundings.
The castle is situated close to modern Pylos, a popular tourist centre. The Pylos area is very interesting from historical point of view.
After the conquering of Pylos the Turks renamed it Navarino (Anavarin). In 1572-1573 they built a new castle in the south entrance of the bay to replace the outdated Frankish castle on the other side of the bay (see our volume about Paleokastro). They wanted to secure the natural port of Navarino (modern Pylos) more. They used the port as a naval base for major fleet operations in the Ionian and Adriatic seas and for piratical raids.
In 1827 the combined fleets of Great Britain, France, and Russia destroyed a Turkish-Egyptian fleet in the Bay of Pylos, a battle that consolidated the independence of Greece. Traces of that battle you find in Neokastro and in a museum in Pylos.

ISBN: 9789073021198
Digital edition,, 25 pages, full colour

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