Gandhi - film and reality - part 1

Gandhi is one of the most fascinating people in history. Study of his words and actions enriches everyone’s political, religious, social and economic insight. It also provides a good opportunity to ask what possibilities the individual has to exercise influence on decision-making in a state.
The film Gandhi is a good starting point for this question and other ones. In what ways does the film gives a reliable picture of the past? In what respect a questionable one? Everybody, also historians and filmmakers, sees past and present from his own frame of reference. Is it possible to write a history of decolonization on which both British and Indians agree? Applies to Gandhi and the filmmakers ‘East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet’? And is it or will it ever be possible to interpret the decolonization of British India in a manner acceptable to both Pakistan and India?
The film Gandhi is in any case also remarkable as a joint Anglo-Indian production.

 In two volumes we offer the opportunity to place the movie Gandhi with help of primary sources in a historical context.
This volume 1 starts with a summary of the movie. The other chapters offer ideas of Gandhi at different occasions, sources to compare his beliefs with Christian principles and the opinion of Gandhi’s closest political companion Nehru about Gandhi and his ideas.

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